Monday, April 28, 2008

Mad Skills: Knife Skills 101

In an effort to provide continuing education (or maybe primary education) to you culinarians out there, today marks the first of many "Mad Skills" lessons to keep you safe and efficient in the kitchen.

Today's lesson: Knife Skills 101

One of the golden keys to cooking is the proper handling of a knife. Lets face it, nobody wants to lose a finger and a bloody marinade over your vegetables just isn't going to wet my appetite. Find yourself a knife (a chef's knife is a good place to start) that you feel comfortable using and take time to learn the proper way to hold and position both your knife hand and the hand that braces whatever you are cutting. The following video should give you a basic idea of the proper grip and motion of a chef's knife:

Once you're comfortable with your chef's knife, cut up some stuff! Check out this video from Men's Health (yes, Men's Health) with some basic cutting techniques:

Just remember: slow and steady wins the race. If you rush things, you'll just end up lopping off your index finger. Get the technique down first, then start hacking away at things like Martin Yan:

Yan can cook! So can you!

Fabulous Feasting,
The Diva.

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